An immutable financial experiment that automatically enters all token holders into a daily token lottery.

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LOTTO Winners & Information

Time to the next lottery:

Lottery Date
Entry Price
Winning Address

How it works

Get LOTTO Tokens

If you're eligible, claim tokens from the airdrop or buy them on an exchange once token trading is live.

Wait for Rebase

After distribution, the lottery commences every 24 hours. LOTTO holders will have the lottery entry fee automatically deducted from their wallets through LOTTO's unique rebase protocol.

Check your wallet

If you win the daily lottery, the prize LOTTO tokens will automatically appear in your wallet!

LOTTO Airdrop
Claim Period Instructions

The LOTTO Airdrop claim period is open! Please claim your LOTTO if you're eligible:


LOTTO contract address:


LOTTO is an adaptive financial experiment

The LOTTO token is specifically designed to alter the supply distribution by removing an equal number of tokens from all holders’ wallets simultaneously, and then distribute these tokens to one LOTTO holder at random. This “rebase” process occurs once per day.

A lottery that can't be stopped

LOTTO is immutable, meaning that the lottery will run every day and no third party can start or stop it from occuring. Once the first lottery runs, the lottery will continue to run forever so long as the Ethereum blockchain continues to propogate. After 24 hours has passed, anyone can call the lottery initiation function and commence the next rebase.

Questions & Answers

When will lotteries begin?
How will the entry price for the LOTTO lottery be determined?
Where will LOTTO be available after the airdrop if I want to buy more?
Is LOTTO decentralized or centralized? Once deployed, can it be taken down?
Can I split my LOTTO into multiple accounts once I receive it to increase my chances of winning the lottery?

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